Thursday, 25 June 2015


In room 15 we have been doing questions, answers and here is the questions.How many more people voted for  ice cream cake then sponge cake?And here is the answers.14 more people voted for ice cream cake than sponge cake.

Party Graphs

In Room 15 we have been doing graphs. We had to make statements  about our graphs. Here are two statements: Ice cream cake has 17 more than cupcake and no cake. Most people wanted ice cream cake.

By Victoria

Party graphs!

In Room 15 we have been doing statements and questions here is a statement
Only 4 people wanted to have sponge cake at their party.

by Ruby!

Question and Answer

In Room 15, we have been doing statements, questions and answers. I am doing questions and answers.
Q: How many people voted for sponge cake?
A: 4 people voted for sponge cake.

By Jaimee

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cake Graph

In Room 15 we have been doing graphs. These are some statements from this graph. There are fourteen more people who want ice-cream cake than sponge cake at their party. Cupcake and no cake both have one vote.
By Hollie Raven

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Party Graphs

We are looking at graphs. We had to make a pie graph. Our group did it for what is your favourite party game. We made it by arranging counters in a circle shape. It was hard to make because we had to arrange them in a certain way. We did it to find out which was most and least poplar.
By Hollie Raven

Party Planning in Room 15!

In Room 15 we have been planning a party! We answered 7 questions. Here are the questions and options:

1) What kind of cake would you like?
Ice cream cake
Sponge cake
No cake

2) What theme would you have?
Jungle theme
Pirate theme
Princess or superhero theme
No theme

3) What is your favourite party food?
Sausage rolls

4) What is your favourite party game?
Lolly hunt/scramble
Pin the tail on the Donkey
Pass the parcel

5) What is your favourite type of lolly?
Gummi Burgers
Fruit Burst
Thumb Suckers

6) What is your favourite pizza?
Hawaiian-Ham and Pineapple
Egg and Bacon
Dessert Pizza
BBQ Sauce

7) What is your favourite party drink?
Chocolate Shake
Ginger Beer

By Jaimee